Key Benefits of Reflexology - Aromatherapy
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Key Benefits of Reflexology

Key Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology Introduction 

Reflexology dates back many years. It has been fine tuned by reflexologists all over the world to bring about the wonderful treatment & practice it is today. 

Reflexology is a type of massage using precise hand and finger techniques  on the hands and feet. The theory behind Reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. 

Energy runs throughout our bodies and sometimes it can get blocked leading to imbalance causing pain and disease in the body. By applying pressure and massage to the feet this can unblock the problem allowing the body to heal itself.  Which I find, the body has an amazing ability to do, if given a chance. 


My passion & belief in Reflexology 

My curiosity & passion for Reflexology began 25 years ago.  I qualified with the much respected “Susan Coen College”  in the mid nineties. .  Shortly after one of my clients, who was an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist told me he had diagnosed a patient earlier that week with ovarian cancer.  The patient had been advised to see him by her Reflexologist.  My client was amazed & curious as to how the Reflexologist had picked up on the issue – and thanks to an early diagnosis had made effective treatment possible.    

After 25 years of practicing Reflexology – I have often thought of that story.  Over the years my belief has strengthened when I see the benefits the practice of Reflexology has had on my clients.  As Reflexologists, we do not diagnose clients – and always recommend you see your health care professional if you are unwell.  However I believe that Reflexology brings people in tune with their bodies and can be an early warning system in preventing and healing many common ailments in today’s world. Reflexology has increased in popularity as people turning towards natural forms of medicine and seeking to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing


Health Benefits of Reflexology Treatments 

  • Brings Balance to the whole bod
  • Reduced stress  
  • Energy levels Boosted. 
  • Increased Blood Circulation 
  • Eliminates Toxins 
  • Balanced Hormones 
  • Improved digestion 
  • Strengthens immune system  – leaving us less prone to flu and infection 


My Reflexology Treatments at The Aroma Health & Beauty Clinic last for an hour.  My customers love to relax in a peaceful setting – where they can take some time for themselves and away from the busy “day to day”.  After an initial warm up massage on the feet (using essential oils) I begin the various massage techniques designed to iron out any imbalances on the feet. 

Clients can either lie down or be seated for the treatment.  Quite often my clients drift off to sleep! Your body will choose what you most need. 

Often imbalances can be picked up – I sometimes feel crystals under the skin or the client might feel tenderness in an area.  By working on these points we can bring about balance to the whole body. The body picks up what it needs. If clients  come in lacking energy they can feel energised or if they come in needing to relax they can leave feeling very chilled. Many clients say they are guaranteed to sleep better and report stress levels much reduced.  


The Gift of Reflexology 

The next time you are looking for a gift – or even to treat yourself – consider the gift of Reflexology. I am happy to answer any questions you may have in advance or after your treatments.  Full range of Gift Vouchers available on our online store .  I get so much positive feedback from repeat customers (and their other halves!) on how much Reflexology can improve our mood & wellness!  So always a win win!

Helen Connolly

Helen has gained a wealth of experience in the health and beauty industry and has managed to stay on top of her game by constantly updating her skills. She has completed advanced studies in maternity, fertility, cancer care and pain management through Reflexology.  She is one of only a handful of therapists to train in facial Reflexology Sorensensistem in ireland. As a member of N.R.R.I  Helen is accredited by private health insurance to provide Reflexology Treatments for Laya Healthcare,VHI Healthcare & Irish Life Healthcare 


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